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Kings Communication

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Get ready to live your best life. Kings Communication provides the tools needed to redefine your mind, so you can create the space necessary for the important positive shifts that make every day better than the last. With a unique approach for every audience combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, Kings Communication’s keynote speaker Edward Kings guarantees a lasting impression.

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Speaking by Edward Kings

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Leadership Development

Kings Communication is dedicated to help you find, and use every ounce of your potential. Edward Kings is a Motivational Speaker who will speak, and inspire according to your audience. With a focus on facing old problems while identifying new solutions, your audience will be fully engaged throughout. 


Keynote Speaking

Kings Communication builds a program and experience that dives into the needs of your audience. Packed with practical tips and useful skills, people gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action.

Executive Coaching

Let Kings Communication help you deliver great content that will have attendees ready to take action.

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Edward inspires to no end. I have heard him speak countless times, and always delivers the inspiration he finds in himself. You will find yourself engaged, and moved to action, as well as challenged to raise your standards of living. Absolutely exceptional. 


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Los Angeles, CA, USA


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